David Kirkpatrick
Lead Guitar, Lap Steel, Vocals,

David 2_edited.jpg

David grew up in a family of professional musicians so performing, songwriting and recording was normal to him. He has played in the smallest wine bars to the Concert Hall of the Sydney Opera House. Despite this, David followed an academic pathway becoming an Emergency Medicine Specialist which he was passionate about, but music remained his great love. After playing in bands throughout his university days (The Adverts with Glenn) and then continuing during his medical career (The Rhythm Method with Ian and Rob) David retired from medicine in 2018. David knew he wanted to write and play his own music and not cover versions anymore and had a clear vision of the sound he wanted – so he first recruited his brother in law Greg on drums with Ian and Rob to play their first gig – at his daughter Hannah’s wedding. David then sent Glenn some demos of his songs and soon enough he was on board as well.

His touchstones in this period have been Neil Young, Tom Petty and Credence plus alt country acts like Gram Parsons/Flying Burrito Brothers, John Prine and more recently Drive By Truckers.

So now it’s time to get their music out to the world – enjoy!


Ian Rhodes
Guitar, Mandolin, Harmonica, Vocals


Ian’s musical career began emulating the Sex Pistols’ three chord anger in his bedroom but he learnt quickly that a handful of chords can be played finger style and if you added some lyrics based on half-truths, you could readily amuse yourself for hours.


Growing up in Sydney’s north amidst the era of pub rock led to an addiction to live music in all its guises. He now spends half the time driving to work through rural landscapes listening to The Eels, Jolie Holland and Jeff Lang cooking up his own lyrics that are often a little on the dark side.


The opportunity to play in Two Tone Pony aligned with the rest of the crew’s desire to record and play their own music based on the notion that not having a go would only lead to regrets. Ian’s modest collection of guitars, harmonicas and mandolin keeps him searching for new tunes that can be shared with the band for collaborative enhancements. His favourite colour is green.


Graham Puglisi
Bass, Backing Vocals


Graham Live HB.jpg

Graham grew up in the era where INXS was the local high school band and a good night out was going to the Narrabeen Antler or Bryant’s Manly Vale to watch Midnight Oil, Australian Crawl, or the mighty Cold Chisel. Music was always there and it became an inspiration.


Graham started playing guitar but, when all the strings, except the big E and A broke, gravitating to the bass was a natural progression.  Playing along to Pink Floyd, Neil Young and David Bowie, without the help of tabs or chord charts, became the challenge. Roger Waters from Pink Floyd and Peter Gifford of Midnight Oil in the 80s, were both huge influences.


Playing in bands came later when Graham was invited to play in an all parent production for the kids High School and something just clicked. This was fun, a chance to be in front of people, to  get them dancing and having a good time, playing all the classic cover band songs on offer.


Graham didn’t quite abandon guitars though and nowadays follows his passion for collecting those made famous by the biggest names in music history and discovering how to coax the sounds that made them icons.


For Graham, Two Tony Pony is a great mix of stunning originals and songs everyone already knows. Far more than your simple three and four chord repetitions. These are songs that tell a story and he’s excited to be a part of it all.


Glenn Willey
Hammond Organ, Piano, Electric Piano, Keyboards.


Glenn was born into a family that was musically obsessed. His parents named him after Glenn Miller, the famed 40’s band leader so his destiny was sealed. His first instrument growing up was an electric theatre organ. By the age of 10, he was performing at the local music shop on Saturday mornings.


Glenn was already a fan of the Beatles, Creedence Clearwater Revival, the Monkees and in particular the songs of Mike Nesmith who was one of the founders of country rock.


By the end of school Glenn and David were playing regularly in pubs and clubs around Sydney gathering a cult following with the Adverts. As the demand for unsigned original music declined He co-founded covers band, Methods of Dance, that played to packed houses on the nightclub circuit through the mid to late 80s.


For a couple of decades Glenn was content writing and recording songs with friends rarely finding the need play to an audience.


That all changed in 2020 when David asked Glenn to add some keyboard parts to some of his songs and eventually invited him to join the band.


Glenn has had a lifetime love of the Hammond organ with Jimmy Smith, Jon Lord, Keith Emerson, Booker T Jones, Bill Payne, Belmont Tench, Gregg Allman, Greg Rolie among  his favourite players.


Greg Richardson
Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals

Greg wanted to be in a band from the moment the Beatles changed everything.


He first started drumming in Desperate Straights a band of school friends named long before anyone had heard of Mark Knopfler’s mob. He played around Sydney and established a rehearsal and recording studio in a dingy city basement. Drumming began to take a back seat as he moved more and more towards recording music and then into a career in radio at SBS, commercial radio in Darwin and the ABC.


Lately though Greg has been back behind his vintage Rogers kit and as a member of Two Tone Pony, is loving working on David and Ian’s exceptional original material and interpreting some inspiring covers.


He still loves The Beatles, The Band the Stones and Steely Dan and dreams of Tom Petty, John Prine, Neil Young and Emmylou


Rob Scott
Bass, Guitar, Vocals

After more than two years, Rob Scott has decided to move on and is no longer contributing his rocking bass riffs, acoustic guitar and backing vocals to Two Tone Pony. You can hear his musical skills featured on the recordings of Going Back, This Land and Two Tone Pony and we wish him all the best for the future.