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Upcoming Gigs

Saturday 25th February 2023
6pm - 9pm
Hardys Bay Club
14 Heath Road
Hardys Bay 2257


Recent Gigs

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to check out Two Tone Pony's Video featuring live sound and footage from their 2022 gigs.
Merton Dec 2022.jpeg
Recently, Ian, David and Greg got together to play a selection of Two Tone Pony songs in memory of David's friend Mick Donahue. Mick died five years ago from brain cancer and there's now a regular fundraiser for the Cure Brain Cancer Foundation held in a beautiful garden on the Central Coast of NSW. Artisans in a Matcham Garden showcased the talents of a wide range of interstate and local artists and the cut-down band contributed some original music to the events opening evening.
David Artisans.jpeg
TTP HB.jpg
Ian Artisans.jpeg
Greg Artisans.jpeg
TTP HB 1709 Horse.jpeg
TTP HB Love.jpeg
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